Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ghost Samurai

There was a period of Japanese history long ago that was never recorded, a dark time when the island of Japan was ruled by demons. A powerful God-Devil named The Infernal One blazed a burning trail across the Empire, leaving nothing but ash and death in his wake. The villagers of Mount Chokai, seeing the destruction across the land and fearing The Infernal One would destroy the mountains themselves, decided to fight back. It is believed that the people of Mount Chokai fought so valiantly, so bravely to protect the mountains, that the Earth itself decided to act on their behalf. The greatest fighter of their village was resurrected as the Ghost Samurai, a spirit with a heart of ice cold enough to freeze the Infernal One with his touch. For centuries the Ghost Samurai travelled the land, slaying the Oni Fire Demons until eventually destroying the Infernal One himself. Japan was returned to normal and history forgot about the Ghost Samurai and the people of Mount Chokai.

In 2007 a fragment of bone was purchased by the Tetsuo Corporation that once belonged to the Ghost Samurai. Through genetic engineering and the dark arts of necromancy, the Tetsuo Corporation was able to replicate an army of Ghost Samurai's to serve them. Whether the original will return is still unknown.

Ghost Samurai is undead, which means he does not feel pain or suffer any of the afflictions of the living, such as pain, fatigue or hunger. He also radiates an aura of cold that will freeze skin on contact, lower the temperature of his surroundings and extinguish fires, both natural and supernatural. In a country built primarily of wood and rice paper, the value of this ability to the Japanese people is tremendous.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Horse

Marcel Allain's past is a mystery. He claims that most of his life was spent high on drugs or alcohol, but the number of celebrities and media personalities he is aquainted with paints a picture of a man that is more than just a junkie. Marcel was given the name "LE CHEVAL" because of his high tolerance for narcotics and alcohol.

Born and raised in Montreal, he spent most of his youth on the streets. His parents worked for the French government and would spend months at a time in Europe, leaving him to fend for himself. Occasionally he would host parties at his parent's home, but when his father found out he quickly put an end to the parties. These parties were so sexually charged and decadent that they became an underground legend. This was how Marcel first came into contact with the elite of the city; what started as a place to get high and fool around became a must attend social event. It was at his last party on his 18th birthday that Marcel announced he was moving out. He was not seen in the city again for five years.

By no means qualified to work for a government agency like The Canadian Legion, Melissa felt that the use of his powers far outweighed any personal problems Marcel might have. Marcel on the other hand is not comfortable taking orders from a woman, but the money they offered him makes it a little easier to take. No one knows when his powers first appeared, but it has been suggested that he was born with them, however the personal force field that surrounds him was not strong enough to be noticeable until he was in his 20's.


Marcel is surrounded by a self-sustained life preserving 'bubble' which is often refered to as a forcefield. The field acts to deflect objects or even energy which come in contact with the outer limit of the field. Marcel can mentally increase the intensity of the field so as to deflect a large object or objects traveling at unusually high rates of speed, or alter its shape slightly for better results. The field will also repel disease and gas without his mental effort, giving him a perfect living environment at all times. Heat, cold, even the crushing pressures of the deep sea cannot damage his field. Even unconscious it continues to protect him.