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Jake Kincaid was born into a family of assassins for hire, dating back to his grandfather Markus on a grassy knoll in Dallas, Texas. The Kincaid family had owned a large horse ranch since they first came to the United States, it was at this ranch that the Kincaid men trained their sons to be killers. Jake was the youngest of two sons, his older brother Karlo recieved most of their fathers attention and although Jake was taken along once in a while, he mainly remained at home with his mother. Jake had an affinity for the work, he was a crack shot and always kept a steady hand but something about the boy disturbed his father and so he avoided him as much as possible. John F. Kennedy was Marcus Kincaid's last job, his son Gregory, Jake's father, hired Sirhan Sirhan to shoot Robert Kennedy as a retirement gift. This was a mistake as it made the Kincaid's outcasts among their former clients. With no work left for them in America, Karlo and Gregory took missions overseas; primarily Vietnam and Korea.

By the 80's, Karlo was ready to take over his father's position and took on a mission without his approval. For the first time a Kincaid went after a Republican target, President Ronald Reagan. Karlo failed to kill his target, he was beaten to the punch by an insane amateur named John Hinckley. This put the Kincaid's in the sights of their enemies, finally they were slipping and those seeking retribution moved in quickly.

A black package arrived in the mail when Jake was thirteen. It contained detailed photographs of assassinations and murders that both Karlo and Gregory had committed and was addressed to Jake's mother Rose. Horrified that she had married into a family of killers and mentally unhinged by the idea she gave birth to such a monster, she tried to keep Jake from becoming like his brother and father. She believed that if the child was blind he could never do the kinds of things she had seen in that envelope. She had already taken one of Jake's eyes with a pair of scissors when his father discovered what she was doing and killed her.

In the mid-nineties Jake's older brother was killed by the assassin known as Killer Cat. With his father's health failing due to a rapidly spreading lung cancer, Jake stepped into his father's shoes and became the second best gun for hire in the world. Jake waits for the day he can go after his brother's killer and prove himself the best, once and for all.


Gunwolf is proficient in not only basic infantry skills, but in special operations, which includes the use and maintenance of specialized firearms and explosive ordnance. He is also a highly formidable opponent in physical combat. He was trained in infiltration, assassination and military intelligence. His knife fighting skills have yet to meet their match and he is proficient with most martial arts weapons. His body armor is composed of a mesh-woven, kevlar, chainlink mail, capable of stopping small arms fire.

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Lady Devil

A home invasion in Surrey, British Columbia by a gang of Asian thugs changed Julia Hill's life forever. The leader of the gang was a psychotic teenage killer with deformed right hand. The twisted hand earned the man the name "The Yellow Claw". Julia and both her parents were home that day, her mother was downstairs in the kitchen on the phone, her father was getting ready for a late meeting in his bedroom while Julia listened to Savage Garden in her bedroom. She didn't hear her mother scream.

Her father did and ran to the top of the stairs where he came face to face with the Yellow Claw and his giant henchman, Hatchetman.
As they beat him in the upstairs hallway, Julia walked out of her room, a bubbly teenager with no worries in the world. When the two men saw her, they sprang on her, dragging her back into her room. Throwing her down on the ground they forced her father on top of her. They tried to force her father to do things to her, to sexually assault her. She was frozen in horror, unable to deal with what was happening. When her father refused to do the sick things the villains ordered him to do, the Yellow Claw went berserk and smashed his head open with a crowbar. Then revealing his hand to Julia, he ignited his yellow grotesque hand into flame, heating up the ring on his finger. He then burned the insignia of the ring into Julia's chest.

When RCMP officer Bart Saunders arrived with his partner, he was horrified by what he saw. Julia refused to talk about what happened and neither Hatchetman or The Yellow Claw was seen again. They had in fact been sent to Japan, where the Yellow Claw became a very prominent gangster and businessman. Julia never spoke again and Bart Saunders took her into his home. He was already raising a baby girl on his own after losing his wife in an auto accident after their daughter was born. For ten years Julia lived with him and Tonia until her eighteenth birthday. On that day she planned to die, somewhere out in the wilderness. Instead, while hallucinating in the outback of Australia, she had a vision of revenge. When she returned to British Columbia, it was with a single mission; kill The Yellow Claw.

Lady Devil is an obsessive, dirty fighter who spent ten years mastering mixed martial arts, boxing and pressure points. She is an uncanny marksman, prefering the boomerang and throwing stick but also an expert with a bow and throwing knife. She also has a natural atheleticism, limitless stamina and superb agility.

Co-Created and artwork by Eliseu Gouveia

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The Proletarian and Octobriana

Soviet Communists from an alternate dimension where it is still the 80's and the Soviet Union is prepared to win the cold war. Accidently sent to the world of the Canadian Legion, this super powered man and woman of wonder vastly overpower the rookie team.

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Mantis is an exceptional martial artist who wears an augmentation harness on her wrists which gives her incredible striking power.

Unable to raise her, her mother left her outside a dojo in Chinatown, New York. There she was raised by a variety of martial artists and monks.

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Robert "Bob" Benton was a world renowned but radical chemist and physicist who reportly lead a squad of Marines into Hitler's lost laboratories during the 40's. After the war ended, Bob used his science knowledge to give himself an edge against the Nazi threat that still lingered in the United States of America. Both Bob and his sidekick Tim Roland, known as Kid Terror, were given enhanced strength, speed and toughness due to Bob's special "Ether Elixers".

Many years passed and the 'Terror Twins' gained quite a reputation. Unfortunately Benton was to be betrayed by another so called costumed hero known as The Face. Tony Trent, known as The Face and The Black Terror had often fought by side against such foes as Japan Chem-X and their Kamikaze Clones, The Yellow Hand of Divine Fate and the Auschwitz Overseer. But by the end of the fifties The Face had changed. The mask he wore which everyone believed was simply a decorative disguise was in fact one of the Nine Masks of Mayhem. The specific mask that Tony Trent had found could instill great fear in others, but it could also influence their minds and thoughts into sinister purposes. Trent allied himself with a Communist group and set out to destroy the United States government but first he had to get rid of The Black Terror.

First, Trent had the mayor of Detroit murdered alongside Bob's girlfriend Jean Starr. Then through subtle manipulation and mind control The Face turned Tim Roland into a junkie, supplying him through his Russian agents with raw morphine and speed. When Bob found Tim shooting up a fight ensued between the two and Tim fell off the roof of police headquarters, landing on the staircase below and shattering his spine. Threats began to appear out of nowhere and the Black Terror found himself fighting numerous villains at once, almost losing his life many times over. The final straw though was the death of Bob's parents, both were found dead in their home from heart attacks, brought on by intense fear and panic. At the funeral Trent appeared to console his friend and fought beside him when Kamikaze Clones attacked the funeral guests. As the last Clone fell, Trent shot Benton seven times in the back and dumped his body on top of the coffins of his parents. The Face left Benton to die but he did not. Bob awoke at nightfall and ingested an experimental healing drug he carried with him that gave him the strength he needed to pull himself out of the grave. Returning to his lab, he began to realize that Trent had betrayed him. Fill with an inhuman fury Bob Benton opened a black book he had obtained from the Nazi's that contained directions on creating a "Dark Ether", a chemical that would significantly increase Bob's minor powers by infusing him with a dark essence from an alien dimension. Bob injected himself with a dark matter obtained from another world and became The Terror and went after The Face. After murdering Trent and destroying the mask, The Terror joined The Lost Legion and disappeared into the shadows. .

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The Black Flag Part 3

For three months Jesse lived on the Country Singer's estate, doing odd jobs around the house and keeping the property safe and clean. The Singer was the father figure that Jesse had never had, teaching him through his music and his actions how to be a good man. The songs of redemption and faith touched something in Jesse. Although he was not a religious person, even the songs about God gave Jesse a sense of conviction and an interest in seeking out his own beliefs. At the end of the three months the Country Singer walked Jesse to the local train station. The Singer asked Jesse what he would do now, with his abilities and his life. Unsure of how to answer, Jesse asked about his clothing and why he has always worn black.
Well sometimes men like us need to wear a little darkness on our backs, to remind us of what we'd done and those we've hurt. So that we never forget the poor, the hungry, the ones who die needlessly, the ones who don't have no anyone to look out for them. Sometimes the world needs a man in black, I guess." At that, Jesse hugged the man goodbye and stepped onto the train to Mexico.
Two weeks later a man dressed in a black outfit was responsible for stopping a Mexican drug gang from killing a local police officer. There was no maple leaf on the outfit yet, but the man told the drug dealers that as long as innocent people were being hurt, the black flag of war would be raised against all of those who preyed on the innocent.

Jesse eventually met Mister Eight, his first teacher. From there he continued to travel North America, eventually partnering with Snowfall and then the Canadian Legion. It was on his return to Canada that Jesse placed maple leaf on his costume, a symbol of pride in the country that made him who he was.

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Side Note on The Black Flag Part 2

As I mentioned in the other post, to give fans an idea of the power level of The Black Flag, I compared his fighting ability and how he would match up with someone like The Hulk. Now I want to point out the flaw in Flag's ability. Although Flag is a great fighter on his own, his enhanced abilities require a certain amount of focus and concentration. Just like lifting a heavy couch, Flag must take that moment to focus on the task at hand, at which point the Super Adrenaline will kick in and allow him to do what he needs to. But an opponent like Spider-Man would be almost impossible for Flag to defeat. The guy is just too formidable. Spidey is incredibly strong, nowhere near the Hulk level but far beyond guys like Cap and Black Panther.
Add to that his spider-sense, reflexes and annoyingly bad puns meant to distract you and Flag would simply not be able to adapt to Spider-Mans fluid, agile means of combat. Multiple opponents would cause the same problem, Flag is a one-on-one type of guy and just doesn't do well against a group.

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Side Note on The Black Flag

I was recently talking with a friend of mine about Flag over on Facebook. He wanted to know how powerful the Black Flag was in comparison to other superheroes. He is roughly in the same power category as Captain America. But who he can beat depends on each character he faces. For example, it would be tough for him to beat Cap. But he could take the Hulk in one punch. Why? Because the Hulk can't fight. He's a rampaging monster, exactly the type of big muscled goon Flag has fought all his life.

The problem with guys like the Hulk is that they can't fight. They have no real ability to inflict pain, only damage and destruction. A good straight punch to the jaw on a creature the size of the Hulk will put him down for the count.

Moving onto the issue of KO. This is a much more elusive commodity than people think and ensuring that you achieve one is not always easy. The aim as you may know is to achieve "brain shake" whereby the brain, which is suspended in fluid in the skull is made to collide with the interior of the skull. This causes neural overload and KO results. The best way to bring about this state of affairs is to strike as near to the point of the jaw as possible without expending your power by sliding off. It should be noted that strikes from the side (hooks etc), to the jaw tend to make the opponent fall in the same direction as that from which the hit came. This may result in a head connecting nastily with a hard object such as the pavement. A harder but more skilled strike is over the top and down onto the jaw which can cause the opponent to virualy sit down, thus lestening the chance of subsidiary head injury.

Not my words, but I've studied this stuff and trust me, the guys in comics have relied on their powers so long, they've forgotten what real fighting is all about.

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The Black Flag Part 2

Jesse Patrick Cash was taken along with six other Canadians to a secret facility in Knoxville, Tennessee for treatment by Chem-X's Military Bio-Engineering division lead by Dr. Kelton Nuttall. By injecting Cash with Adrenal-X, Chem-X was able to stimulate Cash's natural healing ability. After six months, he was able to take his first steps. Within no time, Cash was able to walk normally. His body began rebuilding itself, faster and stronger than before. Except there was one thing Adrenal-X could not do; it could not fix his face. The terrible scars left from the injuries he took were not able to heal. Although the bones rebuilt themselves and the wounds closed, the scar tissue had become a part of him, a part that would not heal. Out of the six patients Nuttall treated, Jesse was the only one to advance past the healing stage. His body was able to push itself past normal human limits when Jesse needed it to. Just as people in life threatening situations were able to do amazing things. Jesse's body began pumping his new physique full of Super Adrenaline and with it, he could jump, run, or lift weight beyond his normal capacity when he needed. Frightened that their experiment had gone off the rails and dealing with the fallout of another experiment known as RAGER, Dr. Kelton Nuttall decided to terminate the treatments.

Chem-X had chosen six Canadians who nobody would miss, who the U.S. government wouldn't even know about, foreigners who were not protected by U.S. law. Cleaning up the mess was as simple as putting them all asleep that night, once and for all. Except Jesse and his nurse had bonded, they had become close and she knew her time was up as well. Together they escaped the facility but they were lost deep in the Tennessee wilderness. Jesse managed to hide the woman by luring the Chem-X assassins after himself. What happened to her remains a mystery, Jesse was hurt badly and eventually was thought dead when his body, wounded and exhausted, fell into a lake during a severe rainstorm. He was found half buried in the mud the next day by the man who owned the property, a old country singer who was intrigued by the wanted man with the initials J.P. Cash on his hospital gown.


By Hero By Night creator DJ Coffman.

Thanks DJ!

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The Black Flag

Jesse Patrick Cash was born in a small town just north west of Ft. McMurray, Alberta. His father was the kind of man that could best be described as a right wing oil baron. Their great grandfather was the brother of Alexander Cameron Rutherford, the first premiere of that province and their family was very well connected to politics in the region. It was his father's vision that prepared the way for Alberta's current economic growth but to Jesse, his father was a tyrant who often literally took him out to the woodshed and beat him with a stick when he was unhappy with the boy.

When Jesse was 15, his father was running for a seat in the Social Credit Party, a political group that held great power in Alberta during the 40's, 50's and 60's. Social Credit is a socio-economic philosophy in which consumers, provided with adequate purchasing power, establish the policy of production through exercise of their monetary vote. They firmly believed that banking institutions were behind many of our modern economic woes by claiming ownership to the money they create. William Forsberg Cash was a powerful man with powerful enemies and the stress of his daily life inevitably landed on the shoulders of his son until the day he ran away. After an argument at the Party office, Jesse went home, packed his bags and never saw his father again. His mother was a simple farm girl with a great wit and a big heart but she was from a very old fashioned, Christian family and never took a stand against her husband. To this day Jesse has not seen either one of them.

For the next five years Jesse travelled across the country. He was already violent before he left home, but travelling through the roughest country roads of Canada honed his fighting and survival skills. He worked whatever jobs came his way and stole what he needed if it was required. Even during these early years some part of him was protecting the innocent; he would often pick fights with people that would prey on those weaker than themselves. It was during these years that he first met Snowfall, the magician who would become his only friend. At one point Jesse spend a few months in Texas and Mexico where he met Mister Eight, a man who would become his teacher after he gained his powers.

Right before his 20th birthday Jesse took a job on an Alaskan fishing boat. While docked at a small port, Jesse made the worst mistake of his life, he picked a fight with a truly bad group of men. The leader of the group, a monstrous bear of a man, was also a police officer. The beating he took was life-threatening, he only survived because the bartender called an ambulance before the men were finished with him. His injuries were so severe he did not wake up for four months; a piece of his skull had to be removed to take the pressure off his swollen brain. The right side of his face had to be reconstructed, the right arm was so damaged the doctors had to remove bones from his legs to repair them. Unable to walk and terribly scarred, Jesse sat alone in a little hospital in Alaska, contemplating whether he even wanted to go on living. And then Dr. Kelton Nuttall of Chem-X showed up . . .


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The Lost Legion

The Lost Legion are a group of heroes that existed before the 21st century as a super-team in the world of the The Canadian Legion. Victor MacDonald, head of the CSIS Super-Human Division worked briefly with the team on their only active missions during the 80's. The goal of the Lost Legion was to protect humanity from outside influences; primarily evil beings that might use mankind for their own purposes or supernatural devices that could alter the course of human development. All of them were refered to in modern literature as a cover story, by using their personalities and stories to entertain the masses, they were able to remain men of myth and legend. This allowed them to operate in secret for decades.

The members of the team are:

Ebenezer Scrooge

Gifted with the ability to see the dead, Ebenezer used this ability to make himself incredibly wealthy. His greedy, selfish ways indirectly lead to the death of his business partner Jacob Marley. Marley cursed Scrooge, forever denying him an end to his lift until all the wrongs he had done were made right. For over a century Scrooge has tried to break this curse, financing the Lost Legion and doing his best to make right the evils of his past.

The Martian Machinist

On Halloween, 1938, the Martians attempted to invade the Earth. Unfortunately they were not prepared for Earth's atmosphere and died from disease right before their moment of victory. The Lost Legion covered up the invasion to protect humanity from the knowledge that Martians existed, a fact the world was not ready for. One lone Martian survived and was given a chance to help repair the damage the Martians cost. Although his body is small and weak, the technogy at his disposal is incredibly powerful.

The Yankee Fighter

Bruce Carter III obtained his superhuman powers when the ghost of his ancestor Bruce Carter I, a hero from the American War of Independence, appeared to him and showed him the location of a magical cloak that could give the wearer the ability to become intangible, teleport and immortality as a living spirit. He also carries a Civil War era rifle that fires mystical, explosive shells.

The Terror

In 1941 Chemist Robert Benton discovered a chemical known as "Dark Ether", an almost living substance of great power. The Ether grants him invulnerability and great strength, but it taints his soul every time he uses it. The evil within has changed him, but has so far not corrupted him.

The Sphinx

For centuries Ramses the Immortal ruled Egypt, fighting for his people and protecting Africa from supernatural threats. But immortality proved a great weight for Ramses to carry and he made many mistakes, including the famous battle between himself and Moses. Ramses was granted his powers by The Sphinx and when Cleopatra betrayed him to the Greeks, he became known only as The Sphinx and did not return to Egypt for many, many years. Ramses is incredibly strong, fast and invulnerable. He can predict the future moves of his opponents as well as see major world events. His loneliness has been a great weakness to him, one that has often caused him to make grave errors in judgement.

The Jungle King

His name remains a mystery, but he has lived in the jungles of Africa for over two hundred years. The King was born with a unique gift; any animals he encounters will see him as one of them and he can communicate with them when needed. It is believed he was raised to manhood by animals, until he discovered the Fountain of Youth and became an immortal. He does not speak, but he does not need to. He is strong, fast, an almost superhuman hunter and tracker and a wildman in combat. He uses a knife like an extension of his hand and can do things no mortal man could do. His only flaw is his lack of respect for human law, to the King, the law of the jungle reigns.

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Responses to Comments

Since you guys were cool enough to comment, I wanted to answer the questions here for other people to read!

So here goes:
I went over to the Publishers page and there doesn't yet seem to be a release date. Both #1 and #2 have "buy now" written next to them. Does that mean they have been released? Or does it mean that they are available to pre-purchase? Big difference.

That was some web guys mistake, probably off a template webpage maker. When Arcana decides to solicit it with Diamond, all the info will go up there for you to order from your local comic shop. The first issue is almost done and the second is pencilled, so we've got a couple in the bank, but Sean O'Reilly is really big on honor and so we won't be soliciting it unless we're sure you will actually get it! Too many creators talk about their books and then never actually bring it when the time comes.

Btw, can't wait to see Black Flag's back story. He is still my favorite so far (appearance wise).
Soon! I promise! (Damn now I feel like real comics writer with the begging and the pleading). . .

Oh I was also wondering, if there is significance behind Horse's name? I know you said that there are no Native Americans on the team. But it does seem very much like a Native American name. And it doesn't appear to reflect his powers. What's the story behind it? It is intriguing.

Marcell was named the Horse because of his stamina, in fact it had nothing to do with his powers at all. I wanted to create a character with defensive powers to round out the team, but I didn't want your typical Sue Storm force field projector. I've tried very hard to keep the powers at a reasonable and realistic level. The Horse got his nickname because of the large quantity of drugs and alcohol he can take and still remain standing. The ladies of France and Quebec called him Le Cheval, the men assumed it was because of his stamina and not his sexual abilities. So when he joined the Legion, they asked if he wanted a codename and he couldn't resist the chance to brag to the world in such a subtlely French manner.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

To All The People Who Took The Time. . .

I wanted to thank everybody who took the time and commented on the Legion stuff I've been putting up. I've been working on this book alone for so long that I wasn't prepared for the comments and I apologize for responding so late!

Arcana Comics has put the book on their site so stay tuned for a release date at:

So from now on I'll be checking the comments frequently, to see people digging what we're putting together is a feeling I wasn't prepared for. In fact, I think my heart may have grown two sizes. . .

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The Syn-Rai

Every seven years a wormhole opens above the planet Syn-Ra. For the next seven months the wormhole acts as a one way mirror, allowing the Syn-Railians a chance to study the people of Earth.

The first wormhole opened over a hundred years ago. The Syn-Rai were a solitary people then, spending most of their lives travelling alone in the vast deserts of their homeworld. One exceptionally brilliant Syn-Railian named Sporac Ock was very much the Leonardo Di Vinci of his world. He was able to create primitive telescopes that allowed him to view the stars and it was with one of these that he first peered through the wormhole. Within three decades, the Syn-Rai had changed their entire civilization. They began to imitate the people of Earth as humanity went through a marvelous age of discovery. Although they could imitate Earth technology, they did not always have the materials available or understand the context of the invention. For example, they built trains without tracks which could travel the desert sands on metal wheels, they built lightbulbs from captured glowflies native to their world.

Recently an arms race has started between two feuding towns of Syn-Rai. One group of Miner Syn-Railians has started building a spacecraft to take them through the wormhole. A more peaceful group of Harvester Syn-Railians have protested this move, believing human is better off viewed from a distance. Unfortunately the Syn-Railian leader, Overseer Kirock Rk, was a Miner as well. When the next wormhole opens up, Earth could be visited by some rather unique guests.


The Syn-Railians are a hardy desert people, they are resistant to heat and fire and they have a protective carapace that grows over their more sensitive organs. There is not much difference between male and female Syn-Rai, but Harvester Syn-Railians tend to be slimmer and have longer arms which help them harvest their primary food source, the Maca-Fruit. Miner Syn-Railians are usually stronger due to the hard work they do in the mines. The Syn-Rai have no concept of good and evil, but they are generally courteous and compassionate to each other. However a secret group of Syn-Rai have began to meet in the abandoned mine shafts and may even have discovered a way to alter their genetic structure. Unfortunately the rulers of the planet deny these "Dark Syn's" even exist.

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Minute Men

The Minute Men are a special elite force in the United States Army dedicated to protecting the country from Omega* level threats on U.S. soil. Each soldier is hand picked by a top secret government employee known as The King of Clocks. The King of Clocks works directly with the President and the head of Homeland Security to ensure that the people of the United States are as safe and secure as possible. The Minute Men were not formed as a response to the growing number of superhumans but was actually created as a result of the Katrina disaster and the flooding of New Orleans. The King of Clocks is the only person on the planet who knows where all 1155 Minute Men are located in the country, his identity remains a secret from everyone except his superiors.


The individual Minute Men have no superhuman abilities, they are simply the best trained and most talented and dedicated soldiers in the world. They are each given a special combat suit and electronic shield. The suit provides protection from most small caliber weapons, regulates body temperature and monitors the M-Man's vital signs. All the information in the suit is accessible through the shield, which is in fact a very sophisticated computer system. Housed inside the shield are all the field electronics and surveillance systems a army division would need but in this case every Minute Man carries one. Working with the suit and goggles, the shield CPU ensures the M-Man always has the most up to date information and technology at his fingertips. The outside of the shield is made of a lightweight Titan-Aluminum alloy that makes it easy to carry and completely bulletproof.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mister Eight

Senor Ocho is a living legend in Mexico. An unstoppable wrestler and an amazing gunman, the hero known as Senor Ocho, or Mister Eight, has defended the poor and downtrodden of Mexico and South America for over forty years.

After so many years many of Ocho's adventures have become the stuff of myth. Most of the stories cannot be verified, but it is known that Ocho spent much of the 1980's in a blood feud with the infamous Peruvian drug dealer known as The Blood Doctor. It is also known that around 1999 Ocho began training the man who would become the Black Flag. The two men travelled together across Mexico, fighting in bar brawls and taking down a number of prominent Mexican criminals and American fugitives. Although they were wanted by the law at one point, the FBI dropped all charges when they brought back the daughter of prominent Republican Governor Chuck Norris who had been kidnapped in 2001. Ocho is known to be quick tempered and it is believed that a dispute over a woman brought the friendship between The Black Flag and Senor Ocho to an end.
Many have speculated about his name, whether he is one of eight Luchador heroes, or even that might have eight lives. What is known is that anywhere there is a fight, whether in a bar, a ring or pay per view event, if the spirit of wrestling is there, Ocho is there somewhere.
Ocho has been mystically augmented, his strength, toughness and endurance are far beyond the average human. He is a world class wrestler and MMA fighter, able to use or counter most holds and grapples.
Ocho also wears a retractable pistol on his wrists that can slide down into his palm, but his weapons of choice are his pair of brass knuckles that read "Lucha"and "Libre" or "Free" "Fight".

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Arrow

Randall O'Reilly was born into the Irish Republican Army, the son of men who had fought every battle Ireland had ever been involved in. He started as a child thief, stealing small but important documents or articles that could be used to blackmail or intimidate the opposition. Randall was fast, intelligent, but he was also cold and remote. He had no friends, no one to spend time with. When he wasn't commiting crimes in the name of the cause, he simply sat peacefully, carving things from wood.

Although the IRA officially declared a ceasefire in 1997, many clandestine operations were still underway. Randall had volunteered for a special program co-founded by a number of Irish and American companies that would increase his speed and reflexes.

For the next five years, Randall was no longer a minor thief, he became a super-killer killing targets for the IRA with little or no remorse. Then he met a Scottish girl named Elisa Caitrina. After that his coldness began to melt, his life started moving slower and he began to feel happy for the first time. Of course, as always happens when a man digs himself a grave of crime and evil, someone inevitably must die. The IRA was losing on all fronts and they were not happy about losing their multi-million dollar super-investment. To send Randall a message, four men armed with nail filled baseball bats beat Elisa to death in a dark alley outside the bar where they were supposed to meet. Randall showed up too late to save her, too late to do anything at all. And so he ran. He hopped on a plane right after Elisa's funeral and headed to Canada. Months later the head of the CSIS invited Randall to join the team code named The Legion. Randall hopes to forget his past, but eventually the superspeedster is going to have to stop and his enemies will be waiting.


Randall is able to move far faster than an average human. This gives him an amazing reaction time and an ability to do things much quicker than anyone else. He is not however a "speedster", he cannot run over water or up the side of buildings. He also carries a wooden bow that he carved himself and a set of both blunt and sharp arrows. He is able to shoot an arrow at a target and catch it before it hits, but the exact limits of how fast he can move is still unknown.