Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lady Devil

A home invasion in Surrey, British Columbia by a gang of Asian thugs changed Julia Hill's life forever. The leader of the gang was a psychotic teenage killer with deformed right hand. The twisted hand earned the man the name "The Yellow Claw". Julia and both her parents were home that day, her mother was downstairs in the kitchen on the phone, her father was getting ready for a late meeting in his bedroom while Julia listened to Savage Garden in her bedroom. She didn't hear her mother scream.

Her father did and ran to the top of the stairs where he came face to face with the Yellow Claw and his giant henchman, Hatchetman.
As they beat him in the upstairs hallway, Julia walked out of her room, a bubbly teenager with no worries in the world. When the two men saw her, they sprang on her, dragging her back into her room. Throwing her down on the ground they forced her father on top of her. They tried to force her father to do things to her, to sexually assault her. She was frozen in horror, unable to deal with what was happening. When her father refused to do the sick things the villains ordered him to do, the Yellow Claw went berserk and smashed his head open with a crowbar. Then revealing his hand to Julia, he ignited his yellow grotesque hand into flame, heating up the ring on his finger. He then burned the insignia of the ring into Julia's chest.

When RCMP officer Bart Saunders arrived with his partner, he was horrified by what he saw. Julia refused to talk about what happened and neither Hatchetman or The Yellow Claw was seen again. They had in fact been sent to Japan, where the Yellow Claw became a very prominent gangster and businessman. Julia never spoke again and Bart Saunders took her into his home. He was already raising a baby girl on his own after losing his wife in an auto accident after their daughter was born. For ten years Julia lived with him and Tonia until her eighteenth birthday. On that day she planned to die, somewhere out in the wilderness. Instead, while hallucinating in the outback of Australia, she had a vision of revenge. When she returned to British Columbia, it was with a single mission; kill The Yellow Claw.

Lady Devil is an obsessive, dirty fighter who spent ten years mastering mixed martial arts, boxing and pressure points. She is an uncanny marksman, prefering the boomerang and throwing stick but also an expert with a bow and throwing knife. She also has a natural atheleticism, limitless stamina and superb agility.

Co-Created and artwork by Eliseu Gouveia

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