Thursday, March 20, 2008

Canadian Legion Wallpapers


Volt said...

Very, very nice wallpapers all. I especially like the one with Black Flag fighting the big white…uhhhh…whatever it is. Great work!

Also, your character back drops are interesting. A few questions though if you please:

1. When is Canadian Legion going to be released? Will it be in print or will it be a web comic?
2. Do you plan to do Black Flag’s character description soon?
3. Why does Plasti Girl wear feathers in the concept drawing. Did you initially conceive of her as being Native American?

Btw, I noticed that Black Flag will be in the War of the Independents. I am hoping to pick up the series. So I’ll look forward to seeing him in the fray!

Richard Evans said...

Volt, thanks for posting!

To answer your questions:

1. Check out the site frequently:

We've got two issues almost ready to go, we just want to make sure they are done when we solicit them, Arcana prides themselves on coming through with their books without delays.

2. Yep! Just been saving the best (and longest) for last.

3. She wears them when she feels like it. She's one of those girls that'll wear anything if the mood strikes her!

There really isn't a "Native American" on the team yet. I want to treat the Native People with respect, so there is no "Indian Shaman" or "Chief Fighting Eagle".
When the character is developed, it'll be someone that Native people can be proud of.