Friday, March 7, 2008

The Minute Men

The Minute Men are a special elite force in the United States Army dedicated to protecting the country from Omega* level threats on U.S. soil. Each soldier is hand picked by a top secret government employee known as The King of Clocks. The King of Clocks works directly with the President and the head of Homeland Security to ensure that the people of the United States are as safe and secure as possible. The Minute Men were not formed as a response to the growing number of superhumans but was actually created as a result of the Katrina disaster and the flooding of New Orleans. The King of Clocks is the only person on the planet who knows where all 1155 Minute Men are located in the country, his identity remains a secret from everyone except his superiors.


The individual Minute Men have no superhuman abilities, they are simply the best trained and most talented and dedicated soldiers in the world. They are each given a special combat suit and electronic shield. The suit provides protection from most small caliber weapons, regulates body temperature and monitors the M-Man's vital signs. All the information in the suit is accessible through the shield, which is in fact a very sophisticated computer system. Housed inside the shield are all the field electronics and surveillance systems a army division would need but in this case every Minute Man carries one. Working with the suit and goggles, the shield CPU ensures the M-Man always has the most up to date information and technology at his fingertips. The outside of the shield is made of a lightweight Titan-Aluminum alloy that makes it easy to carry and completely bulletproof.

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