Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mister Eight

Senor Ocho is a living legend in Mexico. An unstoppable wrestler and an amazing gunman, the hero known as Senor Ocho, or Mister Eight, has defended the poor and downtrodden of Mexico and South America for over forty years.

After so many years many of Ocho's adventures have become the stuff of myth. Most of the stories cannot be verified, but it is known that Ocho spent much of the 1980's in a blood feud with the infamous Peruvian drug dealer known as The Blood Doctor. It is also known that around 1999 Ocho began training the man who would become the Black Flag. The two men travelled together across Mexico, fighting in bar brawls and taking down a number of prominent Mexican criminals and American fugitives. Although they were wanted by the law at one point, the FBI dropped all charges when they brought back the daughter of prominent Republican Governor Chuck Norris who had been kidnapped in 2001. Ocho is known to be quick tempered and it is believed that a dispute over a woman brought the friendship between The Black Flag and Senor Ocho to an end.
Many have speculated about his name, whether he is one of eight Luchador heroes, or even that might have eight lives. What is known is that anywhere there is a fight, whether in a bar, a ring or pay per view event, if the spirit of wrestling is there, Ocho is there somewhere.
Ocho has been mystically augmented, his strength, toughness and endurance are far beyond the average human. He is a world class wrestler and MMA fighter, able to use or counter most holds and grapples.
Ocho also wears a retractable pistol on his wrists that can slide down into his palm, but his weapons of choice are his pair of brass knuckles that read "Lucha"and "Libre" or "Free" "Fight".


camryn said...

I've never heard of Mister Eight when did he come into the canadian legion

thanks for adding Black Flag

Richard Evans said...

He was new, he didn't make it on to the team in the first story arc but I included him just because he was so cool.