Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Arrow

Randall O'Reilly was born into the Irish Republican Army, the son of men who had fought every battle Ireland had ever been involved in. He started as a child thief, stealing small but important documents or articles that could be used to blackmail or intimidate the opposition. Randall was fast, intelligent, but he was also cold and remote. He had no friends, no one to spend time with. When he wasn't commiting crimes in the name of the cause, he simply sat peacefully, carving things from wood.

Although the IRA officially declared a ceasefire in 1997, many clandestine operations were still underway. Randall had volunteered for a special program co-founded by a number of Irish and American companies that would increase his speed and reflexes.

For the next five years, Randall was no longer a minor thief, he became a super-killer killing targets for the IRA with little or no remorse. Then he met a Scottish girl named Elisa Caitrina. After that his coldness began to melt, his life started moving slower and he began to feel happy for the first time. Of course, as always happens when a man digs himself a grave of crime and evil, someone inevitably must die. The IRA was losing on all fronts and they were not happy about losing their multi-million dollar super-investment. To send Randall a message, four men armed with nail filled baseball bats beat Elisa to death in a dark alley outside the bar where they were supposed to meet. Randall showed up too late to save her, too late to do anything at all. And so he ran. He hopped on a plane right after Elisa's funeral and headed to Canada. Months later the head of the CSIS invited Randall to join the team code named The Legion. Randall hopes to forget his past, but eventually the superspeedster is going to have to stop and his enemies will be waiting.


Randall is able to move far faster than an average human. This gives him an amazing reaction time and an ability to do things much quicker than anyone else. He is not however a "speedster", he cannot run over water or up the side of buildings. He also carries a wooden bow that he carved himself and a set of both blunt and sharp arrows. He is able to shoot an arrow at a target and catch it before it hits, but the exact limits of how fast he can move is still unknown.


Anonymous said...

Nice profile.

And that last picture looks great coloured and inked -- the book is shaping up nicely.

camryn said...
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camryn said...

Hi Richard my favorite superhero is The Arrow but anyway I was wondering where Black Flag and some of the other characters besides that I really like your stuff.

P.S are you going to make other Canadian Legion war of the independants banners???

Richard Evans said...

About the War, I really wasn't able to commit to the tie-in as much as I'd like to, simply because we had to get the book ready on its own.

Please don't tell Dave. :)