Thursday, June 26, 2008

To All The People Who Took The Time. . .

I wanted to thank everybody who took the time and commented on the Legion stuff I've been putting up. I've been working on this book alone for so long that I wasn't prepared for the comments and I apologize for responding so late!

Arcana Comics has put the book on their site so stay tuned for a release date at:

So from now on I'll be checking the comments frequently, to see people digging what we're putting together is a feeling I wasn't prepared for. In fact, I think my heart may have grown two sizes. . .


Volt said...

I went over to the Publishers page and there doesn't yet seem to be a release date. Both #1 and #2 have "buy now" written next to them. Does that mean they have been released? Or does it mean that they are available to pre-purchase? Big difference.

The preview for the pages on #1 look great! And the story line is even better! Plots where supers emerge into a world where there were previously none can be very cool. The shock and awe factor of that on the general public can be really fun. Also I LOVE the idea of the lion's share of supers coming out of Canada! I hope that the US will only have a few supers compared to the Great White North...and I'm from the US!

I do like the minute men though. And that seems like an appropriate response. I'm wondering though how long the mm's shields will remain operational with all those electronics in them. I just keep thinking that once one of those shields takes a good beating the electronic won't function any longer. But that seems really true to life. The Tech guys come out with an idea and then soon realize that it worked good in theory but maybe not so well in the field. :)

Btw, can't wait to see Black Flag's back story. He is still my favorite so far (appearance wise).

Volt said...

So I found out yesterday from my LCBS that #1 and #2 are set to come out no sooner than October. Bummer. Well, patience is a virtue or so they say. And something I'm trying to grow in. Lol! So, guess I'll do more waiting.

I will of course check here from time to time.

Oh...and I'm still wondering about the minute men's shields. Won't the ectronics in them stop working if they are hammered on too much???

Oh I was also wondering, if there is significance behind Horse's name? I know you said that there are no Native Americans on the team. But it does seem very much like a Native American name. And it doesn't appear to reflect his powers. What's the story behind it? It is intriguing.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking forward to this since I first heard about it. It'll be nice to see an accurate representation of Canada in the comics again.

Even just hearing about the struggles you've had to be living your dream have been educational, entertaining -- and even inspiring.

Best of luck to you. I will preordering this shortly.