Thursday, July 3, 2008

Responses to Comments

Since you guys were cool enough to comment, I wanted to answer the questions here for other people to read!

So here goes:
I went over to the Publishers page and there doesn't yet seem to be a release date. Both #1 and #2 have "buy now" written next to them. Does that mean they have been released? Or does it mean that they are available to pre-purchase? Big difference.

That was some web guys mistake, probably off a template webpage maker. When Arcana decides to solicit it with Diamond, all the info will go up there for you to order from your local comic shop. The first issue is almost done and the second is pencilled, so we've got a couple in the bank, but Sean O'Reilly is really big on honor and so we won't be soliciting it unless we're sure you will actually get it! Too many creators talk about their books and then never actually bring it when the time comes.

Btw, can't wait to see Black Flag's back story. He is still my favorite so far (appearance wise).
Soon! I promise! (Damn now I feel like real comics writer with the begging and the pleading). . .

Oh I was also wondering, if there is significance behind Horse's name? I know you said that there are no Native Americans on the team. But it does seem very much like a Native American name. And it doesn't appear to reflect his powers. What's the story behind it? It is intriguing.

Marcell was named the Horse because of his stamina, in fact it had nothing to do with his powers at all. I wanted to create a character with defensive powers to round out the team, but I didn't want your typical Sue Storm force field projector. I've tried very hard to keep the powers at a reasonable and realistic level. The Horse got his nickname because of the large quantity of drugs and alcohol he can take and still remain standing. The ladies of France and Quebec called him Le Cheval, the men assumed it was because of his stamina and not his sexual abilities. So when he joined the Legion, they asked if he wanted a codename and he couldn't resist the chance to brag to the world in such a subtlely French manner.

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