Monday, July 21, 2008

The Black Flag Part 2

Jesse Patrick Cash was taken along with six other Canadians to a secret facility in Knoxville, Tennessee for treatment by Chem-X's Military Bio-Engineering division lead by Dr. Kelton Nuttall. By injecting Cash with Adrenal-X, Chem-X was able to stimulate Cash's natural healing ability. After six months, he was able to take his first steps. Within no time, Cash was able to walk normally. His body began rebuilding itself, faster and stronger than before. Except there was one thing Adrenal-X could not do; it could not fix his face. The terrible scars left from the injuries he took were not able to heal. Although the bones rebuilt themselves and the wounds closed, the scar tissue had become a part of him, a part that would not heal. Out of the six patients Nuttall treated, Jesse was the only one to advance past the healing stage. His body was able to push itself past normal human limits when Jesse needed it to. Just as people in life threatening situations were able to do amazing things. Jesse's body began pumping his new physique full of Super Adrenaline and with it, he could jump, run, or lift weight beyond his normal capacity when he needed. Frightened that their experiment had gone off the rails and dealing with the fallout of another experiment known as RAGER, Dr. Kelton Nuttall decided to terminate the treatments.

Chem-X had chosen six Canadians who nobody would miss, who the U.S. government wouldn't even know about, foreigners who were not protected by U.S. law. Cleaning up the mess was as simple as putting them all asleep that night, once and for all. Except Jesse and his nurse had bonded, they had become close and she knew her time was up as well. Together they escaped the facility but they were lost deep in the Tennessee wilderness. Jesse managed to hide the woman by luring the Chem-X assassins after himself. What happened to her remains a mystery, Jesse was hurt badly and eventually was thought dead when his body, wounded and exhausted, fell into a lake during a severe rainstorm. He was found half buried in the mud the next day by the man who owned the property, a old country singer who was intrigued by the wanted man with the initials J.P. Cash on his hospital gown.



Volt said...

Ahhhhhh...BL has regenerative abilities and enhanced strength and speed when adrenalized. That makes sense!

Patiently awaiting more. :)

Volt said...

I am intrigued to find out how BF found his way back to Canada. And why he uses a national symbol such as the Maple leaf as his insignia and where the name Black Flag comes from.

Just a few questions. :)