Monday, September 1, 2008

The Black Flag Part 3

For three months Jesse lived on the Country Singer's estate, doing odd jobs around the house and keeping the property safe and clean. The Singer was the father figure that Jesse had never had, teaching him through his music and his actions how to be a good man. The songs of redemption and faith touched something in Jesse. Although he was not a religious person, even the songs about God gave Jesse a sense of conviction and an interest in seeking out his own beliefs. At the end of the three months the Country Singer walked Jesse to the local train station. The Singer asked Jesse what he would do now, with his abilities and his life. Unsure of how to answer, Jesse asked about his clothing and why he has always worn black.
Well sometimes men like us need to wear a little darkness on our backs, to remind us of what we'd done and those we've hurt. So that we never forget the poor, the hungry, the ones who die needlessly, the ones who don't have no anyone to look out for them. Sometimes the world needs a man in black, I guess." At that, Jesse hugged the man goodbye and stepped onto the train to Mexico.
Two weeks later a man dressed in a black outfit was responsible for stopping a Mexican drug gang from killing a local police officer. There was no maple leaf on the outfit yet, but the man told the drug dealers that as long as innocent people were being hurt, the black flag of war would be raised against all of those who preyed on the innocent.

Jesse eventually met Mister Eight, his first teacher. From there he continued to travel North America, eventually partnering with Snowfall and then the Canadian Legion. It was on his return to Canada that Jesse placed maple leaf on his costume, a symbol of pride in the country that made him who he was.


Volt said...

Dude...I LOVE the Cash'ian man in black tie in to this character! Awesome! Even better than I had hoped for. He's definitely my favorite so far.

Keep the updates coming!

Anonymous said...

This is great stuff.

Richard Evans said...

Thanks guys!