Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Heroic History of the Canadian Legion Universe

In the world of the Canadian Legion, heroes and villains are classified as either an Alpha or an Omega. An Alpha uses his/her powers and abilities to help humanity, an Omega is considered a threat, capable of killing large numbers of innocent people. Most of the characters listed are Alpha Heroes, although there are a few Omega class villains as well.
In fact, we begin with one. . .

Tezcatlipoca – The God of Darkness was the first true embodiment of evil to walk the Earth. He fought the great dinosaurs and when he discovered the Aztec civilization he chased Quetzalcoatl from the temples and ruled over their entire civilization. In human form Tezcatlipoca wore a frightening war mask. This mask eventually fell into the hands of Tony Trent, the Face. Only the warrior tribe known Sons of Quetzalcoatl stood against him. Eventually his priests deserted him, allowing the Spanish to conquer South America while Quetzalcoatl went into a deep sleep. It is believed by some of the Gods that Quetzalcoatl eventually defeated and devoured Tezcatlipoca. The evil of his enemy corrupted Quetzalvcoatl and turned him into the Midgard Serpent.

Enki – A citizen of ancient Babylon, Enki was the first real magician. A sailor and fisherman, Enki learned magic from the river spirits and the early ancestors of the Porposi people. Just as the rivers crossed the plains, rivers of mystical power cross the planet. Enki was the first to tap into these energies and used them to build a village for Magi that would eventually become the city known as Atlantis. Enki was one of the first men to become something more than human and when the Gods of Babylon faded away, Enki slept in the lost ruins of the city he spent his life building.

Hercules – Perhaps the first of all heroes, Hercules was born to a human mother and often stood between the Gods and man as humanities protector. As an immortal Hercules matured very slowly, he spent almost forty years as a ‘teenager’, which is part of the reason his good intentions often turned into such horrible mistakes. The rest could be attributed to the constant abuse and manipulation Hercules suffered at the hands of his Step-Mother, Hera. While in his late twenties Hercules developed Epilepsy. Hera was able to use this to drive him mad, which eventually led to his 12 Labours of Restitution. Many stories told of Hercules’ eventual death but this was in fact a hoax created by Hercules himself. When a centaur ferryman attempted to rape his lover Deianeira in front of him, Hercules went mad and killed not just the ferryman, but every centaur that existed. Deianeira was horrified and fled into the forest. Believing himself to be a danger to all mankind, Hercules built a funeral pyre and donned what he called a “Vest of Weakness”. Then Hercules laid himself upon the fire and appeared to die. The Vest was in fact a gift from his father; it transported Hercules to a place where he could fight enemies without the fear of harming innocence people. The Vest transported Hercules to Valhalla, a realm of eternal battle. It is not known what eventually became of Hercules at some point during the birth and life of Jesus of Nazareth, the Gods went into a deep slumber. It is believed that Mount Olympus lies just outside our dimension, waiting for mankind to believe in Gods once more.

Achilles – The greatest of all Greek warriors, Achilles was also possibly Hercules half-brother. His mother, a river nymph named Thetis, was so beautiful both Zeus himself and King Peleus fought for her affections. In the end Zeus gave up his pursuit when a prophet warned him that a child born of Thetis and Zeus would one day become ruler of Olympus. This does not mean that King Peleus is in fact Achilles’ father, only that Zeus no longer interfered in their relationship after hearing of this prophecy. Thetis believed Achilles could be the greatest warrior of all time and pushed her son from an early age to excellence. He was blessed by all the Gods of Greece, he was trained by the fiercest warriors. Summoning her family together, Achilles was baptised by Nereus and Doris to be invincible. Only the spot where Thetis had held him by the ankle was not protected by the enchantment. When the prophecy spread throughout Olympus during the Trojan War, the Gods decided to guide Paris in killing Achilles. It was believed that had Achilles not fallen during the War, he would have eventually killed Hercules (for his treatment of Achille’s grandfather Pontus ) and Zeus himself. Eventually all the river and water spirits were destroyed by Zeus and Odin who united to create a Great Flood.

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