Saturday, November 21, 2009

How A Character is Created

So now we had the origin of the character, an idea in my mind of what he should look like and a concept sketch from Ethan Wright that was a first step in the right direction. Although the design had a lot of great ideas in it, I didn't think it was suitable for a slick futuristic space dictator. The single shoulder pad and gauntlet gave the character a Mad Max look. I could see Der Verge's soldiers wearing something like this, patchwork armor left over from the alien invasion or taken from a hundred different worlds. I also didn't want any skin to be showing so that people would never be quite sure how human he still was or how he had changed. Lastly, there was the Darkness Cloak he wore had to be bigger, more extravagant, something that could wrap him in shadows. So even though I could use this design for some of Der Verge's soldiers, I knew this wasn't the man himself and I had to ask Ethan to go back to the drawing board. . .

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