Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dr. Sterling Steele, D.D.S.

It began with a giant gorilla. In 1930 a team of researchers discovered a hidden island in the South Pacific. The United States government was looking for locations to build military bases in the area in the event of a war with China or Japan. Instead their research team discovered a Gigantopithecus Rex, the last of his kind. Standing 25 feet tall, the gorilla was massive with above average intelligence. It took 18 months for the army and the scientists to subdue and transport the creature to the United States. Just as they arrived at Pier 54 the beast flew into a rage, bursting from its restraints and rampaging across New York City, finally making its way to the top of the Empire State Building.

Deep in the heart of Africa the Action Dentist, Dr. Sterling Steele was helping the native tribes while searching for an ancient mine. Steele was gifted in many different areas; a classical pianist, an electrician and inventor, a trained nurse, philosopher and master of combat, but his main specialty was in dentistry. Many villains found themselves on the receiving end of the Doc's right hook, only to find upon regaining consciousness that their missing teeth had been replaced with fillings. Both Sterling's grandfather and his brother, his great uncle, Wolf and Death Larsen, exhibited very similar abilities as Steele during their years as sailors and pirates on the seas. Wolf Larsen's daughter, May, married Clark Steele who had a great intellect buy no unusual abilities.

During his youth the Doc had been exposed to an alien alloy by his father, an inventor himself. This reacted badly with the organic supplements Steele had been taking and together activated unknown genes within him. They caused his skin to take on the look and feel of organic metal. This earned Sterling the nickname "The Platinum Pugilist" among the criminals of New York City.

Returning to his office on the 88th floor of the Empire State Building, Steele was shocked to find a giant Gorilla had taken up residence just outside his window. Numerous attempts were made to dislodge the beast, from aerial attacks by legendary pilots such as Skyman, to artillery shells shot into the air nearby. Eventually Steele discovered the truth; the gorilla was quiet old and had a very specialized diet. Although the scientists had brought food from the island for the massive monster, they had not brought the bamboo birch it chewed on following its meals. They believed this birch was simply a habit or treat but the bamboo contained special painkillers that the giant gorilla needed to dull the pain it felt from its broken old teeth after every meal. Steele not only managed to subdue the beast, but he removed its massive cavities and managed to synthesize a cheaper, more affordable pain medicine for the old creature.

Sterling continued to have adventures up until the war, where he seemed to vanish somewhere in the Soviet Union. No one believes he is dead, but what did happen to him has been one of the world's greatest mysteries.

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