Saturday, February 5, 2011


Canadian Legion Graphic Novel (FEB11 0725) $14.95 126 pgs

The World of the Legion

One of the things I wanted to do with the Legion was create a world that is much like our own, but different. Not just with superpowers, magic, and strange science, but also in the way pop culture developed. So I will begin with the King of Pop himself:

Michael Jackson

During a press tour for the release of OFF THE WALL, Michael ended up meeting a female singer named Tina Turner. Although she was 20 years older than Michael, he was fascinated with her. As their romance began to blossom over the next two months, Michael began to work on his THRILLER album. Unknown to Michael, Tina's former husband Ike was on the set, armed and looking for a confrontation. Even though Michael and Tina had met after her divorce to Ike, Ike still believed it was Michael Jackson's fault. While taking a break from filming on the set of the Thriller video, Ike cornered Michael in his trailer with a snub nosed revolver. While berating him verbally, Ike picked up a wooden stick in the trailer and began beating Michael with it. At that moment, Michael remembered his whippings from his father, Joe. He remembered all the abuse from his brothers over the years, the teasing and taunting. Something in him snapped and Michael roared like a lion, charging Ike and taking him down. Their fistfight spilled unto the lot of the Thriller video, with Michael and Ike wrestling each other back and throwing punches. There were only two lighting technicians that were present to what happened next and their story has always remained 'unofficial'. Ike went down behind a fake tree with Michael standing over him. They told police that Michael had lifted a tombstone prop and struck Ike repeatedly with it. Police arrived but defended Michael's actions as self-defense when they found the handgun.

Michael Jackson released the best selling album of all time, surrounded by controversy and with an older woman on his arm who was a bestselling singer in her own right. Suddenly the quiet, shy boy named Michael had a street reputation as a badboy, which sent the sales of an already spectacular album into the stratosphere.
Famed Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings was quoted as saying "His balls grew three sizes that day."

Michael and Tina eventually married and although scandal surrounded them on occasion, including his 1992 affair with Lisa Marie Presley, they remain happily married to this day. Jackson officially retired after his 2009 THIS IS IT tour, on which he suffered a mild heart attack. Many critics said it was due to the extra weight he had gained over the years, but Michael said afterwards "Somehow I believe it could have been much worse, I am lucky to be alive."

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