Saturday, November 26, 2011

Legion Unleashed #1


This is a breakdown of the first issue, sort of like a COMMENTARY track. You can buy the book here:

Page 1-6

The Black Flag and Snowfall have been on the trail of the Yenaldlooshi for a while. It was killing and impersonating Native Canadians across Mid-Western Canada. It would kill the male first and then torture and kill everyone close to victim before burying the bodies and moving on to another reservation. It's killing spree stretched back hundreds of years, to the days before the White Man appeared.

Page 9-11

The official "Canadian Legion" is a four member group put together by the RCMP to specifically handle previously unclassified crimes or super-powered criminals. Inspector Melissa Maple is the only qualified RCMP officer on the team, although The Horse had worked previously with the Quebec government.

Page 14 +

The President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Canada had agreed to give a joint speak before a special delegation of UN officials. The Yenaldlooshi chooses President Ronald Rush as his next target. Either he will take the form of the most powerful man on the planet, or he will fail and his long, hideous life will be over. . .

In the end the Yenaldlooshi is not dead. His soul is in fact trapped within the mask Snowfall wears. . . .

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