Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Inspector Melissa Maple

At 15 Melissa discovered she was gifted with the ability to sing. Ten years ago there were no 'idol' shows but that didn't stop her from becoming an overnight sensation. Britney, Christina, and Jessica were just making their appearance, Melissa was going to be the first, the biggest, the most popular pop singer to ever come out of Canada. She performed live on MuchMusic and TRL, with crowds so massive the downtown areas were shut down. The day before her 18th birthday, Melissa started her multi-million dollar world tour in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The crowd was half a million people strong and the heat was making them rebellious. As Melissa took the stage they surged foward, crushing the front row against the stage.
Two songs in and people were beginning to riot. Melissa watched as fights broke out in the crowd and by the fourth song they had burned down a number of kiosks set up around the stadium. A bottle struck the drummer, forcing the band to stop performing. Melissa felt as if her brain was on fire. As she started performing her hit song Rock Candy Princess, the crowd went berserk. Her agents rushed to pull her off the stage but she was petrified. The fire in her brain was almost audible in her ears. A girl in the front row dressed just like her was being sexually assaulted by three boys, people were fighting all over, throwing things at the stage and destroying everything. She couldn't take it. Grabbing the microphone she screamed to the crowd to stop it. Stop it. Three times she said it and 500,000 plus people suddenly stopped in their tracks, unable to resist the power in her voice. When she spoke, everyone who heard her was forced to obey.The very next morning on her 18th birthday Melissa joined the Canadian Armed Forces. On completing her basic training she was asked to join the CSIS. Now as one of their top ranking agents, Melissa has been chosen to lead the government sponsored Alpha team known as the Legion. Who better to manage the world's first superheroes than a woman whose commands cannot be ignored?

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