Wednesday, March 7, 2012


""What the hell happened down there Captain?"
"One of our military experiments broke lose sir. The Army is currently in pursuit but it is a . . . delicate situation."
"When you say experiment, are you talking about a machine or a person, Captain?"
Ït . . well it is a HE, sir. A homeless . ."
"Say it, Captain. Say this is a person we're after here."
"It is a person. We're doing all we can to locate them but. . "
"Let me get this straight. See, I've got the file in front of me but I need you to reiterate and clarify some of this information for me, Captain. I mean, to ME it appears as if you and your people down there are incredibly stupid. You grabbed a homeless truck driver, gave him an experimental concoction full of artificial adrenaline, animal steroids and radical DNA-altering nanites. Then you lost him. Now you couldn't possibly be THAT stupid, could you?"
"The nurse at the hospital used the wrong amount of . . ."
No. That's now where the mistake happened. Why in the world would you use a homeless nobody? Why not a soldier, who we can track, train or control? Why would you pick someone with no home, no family, no ties to civilization and give him something THIS dangerous? Why not just leave a GOD DAMN NUKE AT THE TRAILER PARK YOU STUPID SONS OF BITCHES!!"
"Sir we're doing everything we can to contain. . ."
"Fine. Look, how much power are we talking about here? File says increased strength and durability. How strong is he going to get, how big of a bullet are we going to need here?"
"Well we never actually obtained a maximum increase in muscle mass and physical power in our animal tests. The animals were put down the minute they were enraged and became dangerous."
"Are you telling me the madder this thing gets, the stronger it becomes?"
"Yes sir."
"Like that old TV show? What's this guy's name, Bill Bixby?"
"No sir. It's Brian Cockrane I believe."
"That was a joke, Captain."
"I am sorry but I don't see the humor in the situation, sir. Now is not really the time to be laughing."
"That's because you aren't the one that has to send his men out in front of this thing. I'll be in touch. King of Clocks out."

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