Wednesday, March 7, 2012


When Faith Johnson was 13, she was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer. She spent the next five years enduring a number of painful chemotherapy procedures and cancer treatments. Faith did her best to endure, even managing to finish high school. The other students were incredibly cruel to her, making fun of her weakened, skinny body and bald head.

On her eighteenth birthday, she was approached by a group of doctors and lawyers on behalf of the mega-corporation Chemex-Iblis. They told Faith that they could cure her, as long as she was willing to go with them. Given the choice between death and their offer, Faith really had no choice at all. For the next eighteen months she lived in a special medical center where she was injected with a number of unknown chemicals and bombarded by a variety of radiation. During that time she discovered the Head of Research for Chemex-Iblis was also dying of the same form of bone cancer that Faith was being treated for. A lot was invested in her treatment and everyone was incredibly nice to her. Until the treatment began to show some surprising and strange results. Chemex-Iblis had predicted an increase in bone density and a regeneration of the cells destroyed by cancer. Instead, her body started taking on the consistency and properties of rubber; her bones and skin became increasingly more stretchable and flexible until the point where she could actually extend her limbs great lengths.

To the Chemex-Iblis scientists, this was a freakish disaster. But to Faith, who always had a fun sense of humor and irony, it was a blessing. Considered a failure, the treatments were completed and Faith was released, the cancer in her body completely gone. A settlement from the company allowed her to buy her own house and on her 21st birthday she moved in and immediately began making plans for a family.

Over the next six years, Faith had six children from a variety of different fathers. She had made a promise to herself when she was sick that if she ever got well she would have a big family. Due to her stretching abilities, Faith was able to bring the children to term within seven months and have completely pain free child births. Although none of the men were husband material, Faith was incredibly gentle and kind to every one of them. But after the sixth child, her finances were running low and so Faith decided to take the offer from CSIS to become a member of their superpowered team, the Legion.

Plasti-Girl can stretch her limbs and body to super-human lengths and sizes. These stretching powers grant her heightened agility enabling her flexibility and coordination that is beyond the natural limits of the human body. She can contort his body into various positions and sizes impossible for ordinary humans. Her powers also greatly augment her durability. She is largely able to withstand corrosives, punctures and concussions without sustaining injury.

She will usually wrap an opponent up in her body to attempt to control and compromise with them. To trap an opponent, she can also flatten her body and smother her opponent until they give in. What Faith doesn't know is that she is also able to increase her body size and mass, she could also make herself bigger and larger, or simply inflate herself like a giant beach ball. The exact limits of her powers are unknown. At this time her molecular structure is fluid but in time it will solidify, perhaps leaving her with completely new powers in the process.

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