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Professor Alexandre Kronosh was a renowned historian and collector of rare artifacts before becoming the first King Kronosh the Conqueror, as he liked to call himself. His career was often overshadowed by his ambitious friend and co-worker Professor Barton Hollinger-Smith, who had discovered the Chalice of Delphi. It was after drinking the perpetually refilling waters of the Chalice that Alexandre had his vision of the future. In the vision Alexandre met a future version of himself. This Future Kronosh was the enemy of the Canadian Legion and had been defeated by them many times. Future Kronosh was also the wielder of a powerful artifact called The Sceptre of Time's Shadow. The Sceptre gave Future Kronosh great power, but not enough to defeat the Legion. He believed if he travelled back in time and gave the Sceptre to his younger self, he would be able to defeat the Legion early on, thus sparing himself some rather embarassing defeats.

Young Kronosh had a different idea. He had no interest in going head to head with the superheroes once he knew he couldn't defeat them. Alexandre turned away from his older self, rejecting his offer and returning to his own time. The older Kronosh was forced to return to the Fortress Between Seconds, an alternate dimension that served as a nexus of power for those in possession of the Sceptre.

The Sceptre was previously in the care of the wizard Abraxas Ro who died in the year 1900.

Powers and Abilities
Kronosh was able to gain certain visions of the future by drinking the water from the Chalice of Delphi. The older version of Kronosh from Earth-O gained possession of the Sceptre of Time's Shadow. The Sceptre allowed Kronosh to travel between the past, the future and the strange dimension known as Fortress Between Seconds, a place where time does not exist. It also allowed Kronosh to summon things from the past, soldiers from WWII and dinosaurs that would serve him, for example. Whether or not the younger Alexandre will come into possession of the Sceptre remains to be seen.

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