Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Argos: Leader of the Master Race

Argos was one of three mutant children born as a new species classified as Homo Sapiens Demonus. Argos spent most of his childhood locked away in a government research facility. His younger brother died early due to the harsh experiments they were subjected to. The older brother died later during the escape from the facility orchestrated by Mr. Helix. Their real names were never revealed.

Together the two men began searching for and recruiting others like them. During that time Mr. Helix taught "Argos" how to use guns, explosives and other weapons of terror. They prolifically released political propaganda in the streets, calling themselves "The Master Race", believing themselves to be the next species to inherit the Earth. They released a statement to the media during the Bill Clinton scandal demanding their "7 Entitlements". They believed humanity should immediately turn over Land, Food, Materials, Information, to train, house, raise and feed each and every mutant. They also demanded certain legal rights: The Right of Access to All Homo Sapiens Demonus, giving them the right to take children away from their parents; the Right to Justice, to punish their own kind but also to punish those who commit crimes against their kind, and the Right to Vengeance, to punish those who kill their kind. Most of the "Entitlements" were created by Mr. Helix but it was loyal Argos who put them into action.

They recruited primarily in Europe with four original members; Mr. Chill, The Ape, The Winged Beauty and Red Riding Hood. Mr Helix led them on an attack against the British Parliament but they failed, Winged Beauty had betrayed them to the authorities. Mr. Chill, Red and the Ape were killed. Mr. Helix was shot multiple times in the back, including a bullet in his brain. Winged Beauty was arrested and taken into custody but Argos managed to save Mr. Helix and the two men went into hiding.

Now the Master Race has resurfaced, more determined, more focused and more dangerous than ever before.


Argos was born with a third eye in the center of his forehead that is connected directly to his brain. This eye, when open, is incredibly versatile. The danger of Homo Sapiens Demonus is their adaptability. Unlike Alphas who exhibit one specific set of abilities due to outside causes, these mutants are born with a complex set of powers that give them multiple, yet connected, abilities. Argos can see through people like an x-ray machine or peer through walls as if they were glass. The third eye can also release a devastating disintegration beam, one so powerful it can even hurt him. He cannot control when the eye will open or when the disintegration beam will fire, it simply reacts to his emotional and psychological cues in a subconscious manner.

APPEARANCE: Although born a black man, Argos has no sense of racial identity beyond the Master Race. He wears very military style wear and has scars on his face from the first "explosion" of energy from his third eye. Although born American, he has lived in Britain since his escape and is on the most wanted lists of seven European countries for terrorism.


As with all creations, the original mock-up art is done by me, with art from the internet that I do not own or claim ownership to. This mock-up is an example of what I envision before it goes to the artist for final design work.

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