Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dr. Mandrill - Scientist of the Master Race

The only current member other than Mr. Helix to not take a name from Greek mythology, perhaps because unlike the others his appearance is clearly NOT human. William Mandrake was born to parents who were very successful physicists. Highly intelligent and hard working, they were also careless and exposed themselves to unhealthy levels of radiation. When their child was born they knew immediately that something was wrong. The child was born ape-like with white skin, even though his parents were black. From birth his powers were activated as a survival measure; his father shunned him in fear while his mother pampered and spoiled him. Eventually his father's fear overcame his mother's obsession and he took the child far out into the wilderness of northern Greenland where their lab was located. Luckily for William he was found by a female police officer and taken to her home. As he grew he moved from woman to woman, using his powers on them. It was clear what he was turning into, but no female could resist him. He had to be weary of men, for their fears would often drive them to hurt him. When he reached puberty though things changed for him. The women who nurtured him were now lusting after him. It was a strange change for a boy who had come to see women as mother figures. Luckily for him, it was easy to learn how to deal with their sexual passions.

After the attack on the British Parliament, Mandrake, now calling himself Dr. Mandrill after receiving multiple doctorates through online education, decided to find Mr. Helix and the other members of The Master Race. They were astonished when he managed to do just that and they immediately welcomed him into the group. He was the one that warned them that non-physical powers from one of their species could not affect another member of their species; their powers only worked against humans. Dr. Mandrill is in charge or recruitment and information gathering and has managed to keep the new version of The Master Race off the radar. Mr. Helix had told him he is the future of their race and the two men have agreed to begin a breeding program once a suitable female can be found. They have attempted to create Homo Sapiens Demonus children with human females but the results have been. . . horrifyingly bad.


Dr. Mandrill has superhuman strength, speed, agility, dexterity, flexibility, reflexes, coordination, balance, and endurance comparable to that of a great ape. He is a skilled acrobatic hand-to-hand combatant. Mandrake can also release pheromones that allow him a certain degree of control over women who find themselves helplessly attracted to him. They will often ignore common sense and put their own lives at risk to protect him. But Mandrake must be cautious in using these pheromones, for on men they create a fearful "alpha male" response. Some men will quickly obey him, but others can turn irrational and dangerous, unable to cope with the fear they experience. In some cases men have tried to kill him as an abomination and he has barely escaped more than one angry mob.

Lastly the doctor is highly intelligent, cunning and skillful with a keen mind.

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