Thursday, December 15, 2011


Formerly a vigilante known as The Eagle, Jesus Molinero was born with conductor wires throughout his nervous system consisting primarily of copper and aluminum. These wires collect his bio-electric energy which he can discharge through his hands or a weapon. Jesus has always carried a sword to conduct the bio-electrical current. Born in Mexico he was raised in a Catholic Orphanage, no one noticed or reported his birth defect to the authorities so he was allowed to grow up without being hunted or feared. When he was eighteen he sought out the legendary Luchador hero Senior Ocho. Ocho had already taken the Black Flag under his tutelage and the two men had much in common, Ocho was no swordsman and eventually Jesus struck out on his own. After many years of fighting crime throughout Mexico, Argos and Bia came to recruit him. They told him of what the U.S. government had done; how they had killed children just like him, babies, simply for being born different. During one of their meetings MI:6 attacked and Jesus's cousin was killed. Although he joined them and believes in their cause, he does not see Homo Sapiens Demonus as different than humanity. To him it is all hatred and violence, he does not consider himself any different than the rest of humanity. The rest of the team knows how he feels but they believe eventually he will see the cruelty and hatred that humanity has for them and give himself 100% to the cause.


Jesus has the power to generate electrostatic charges and is able to discharge up to 100,000 volts through conductive metal or 50,000 volts through his hands. He is a skilled fencer with extaordinary swordsmanship skills, an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, and an excellent acrobat. Due to the wiring throughout his body, he is more resilient than most humans and also heals wounds slightly faster.


Originally I had done a really nice brown, black and red mock-up that looked very cool. Then Photshop crashed and I lost it, which is why there was a delay getting this guy up. Now you have to settle for a crappy black and white mock-up of Zeus.
Underneath his shirt you can see the wiring over his chest in the pattern of an eagle.


akachris said...

I don't know if you realize this but there is a minor Marvel character called El Aquila ["the Eagle" in Spanish] with really similar powers [mutant who generates bio-electricity which discharged through his sword].

Richard Evans said...

Chris: Yeah these characters came from a pitch for a new team of X-Men which would have included El Aquila. Since I have no plans to ever work for Marvel, I tweaked him a bit for the Legion. I'm impressed someone else knew that character!