Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ebenezer Scrooge

After the events of A Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge dedicated his life to helping mankind. After an encounter with a mad businessman who had been corrupted by a Fiction Cairn, Scrooge met Alice and Frankenstein and they formed the first version of The Lost Legion. Scrooge could see ghosts and used this ability to solve crimes in 19th century London.

Many of their adventures took them through time with the help of the Crusader. The Sphinx was also a member and with the Scepter of Time's Shadow he could mend alternate timelines and keep the consistency of their reality. Scrooge eventually died of old age and was shocked to learn he had not done enough good in his life to overcome whatever curse had befallen him. He continued to fund the Legion with his wealth and knowledge as a ghost. During one of their adventures the Legion realized that they had weakened the timeline and created a surge in magical energy. The world was in danger, WWII fighter planes began bombing the city of London almost fifty years before the war started. In order to fight it, the members of the Legion from the future had to return to their own time. But the rest had to disappear so that the wizard Abraxas Ro could seal off the mystical realm of the Gods that threatened the Earth. They used their abilities to manipulate the past; Scrooge dictated the story of his life to Charles Dickens which Dickens believed was his own story.

During the battle between the Canadian Legion and the Proletarian, Snowfall discovered the spell had crumbled and some of the Lost Legion were back in action. They came together one last time to fight the evil Soviet super-man.

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