Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mr. Helix

No one is quite sure WHY Mr. Helix hates the human race. Once a vibrant activist and scholar, Mr. Helix left university six weeks from getting his doctorate in education and social studies. The sixties counter culture he was a part of had told him of other gifted people like himself, those with extraordinary and dangerous abilities. Friends and associates from that era claim he was fascinated with Hitler and the science of eugenics and social engineering. Unlike other racists however, Mr. Helix did not have any others of his kind around to identify with. So he went searching for them.

Although there were others he met in his travels it was not until he met Argos that he found the perfect disciple. Argos was angry and powerful and a natural leader. Helix was able to transform him into the perfect soldier; the leader of the Master Race that was to come. They would issues their Seven Entitlements and through acts of terror, those entitlements would become a reality. But Mr. Helix made one fatal mistake, he underestimate the fear and hatred mankind would exhibit. Winged Beauty, a handsome Greek boy from a wealthy family, was not convinced by Mr. Helix or Argos and betrayed them to MI:6 who were prepared for their attack on the British Parliament. Red Riding Hood, his first female student and a beautiful, deadly telepath and telekinetic, was killed in a hail of gunfire as was The Ape while protecting her. Chill was corner by military men with flame throwers and incinerated. Argos managed to cover Mr. Helix until they made it back to the street but a sniper managed to hit Helix multiple times in the back. Argos dragged him into a nearby vehicle and took him to the home of Bia, another Demonus whom he had been trying to recruit.

With the help of a kidnapped medical staff they managed to save Mr. Helix's life. But his spine could not be repaired, nor could the damage to his brain. Mr. Helix was, for all intents and purposes, a vegetable. He could no longer walk or move his limbs. But his power increased ten-fold, making him even more dangerous than he was before.

POWERS: Mr. Helix has two major mental abilities. Mr. Helix possesses the psionic ability to sense and manipulate the emotions of other sentient life forms. He can affect a large group of individuals at one time, and can exert varying levels of empathic control over them, ranging from subtle manipulations that others are generally unaware of to a complete negation of emotion that reduces others to a "cold" state in which he can command them with little effort. After surviving his attack on the British Parliament, he developed a secondary ability, that of minor telepathy. Although not able to control minds, he is able to hear other people's thoughts. He can also scan the memory of other people and send thoughts directly into other people's minds. By combining these two abilities, he can say just the right words to convince anyone of anything he wants them to believe.

APPEARANCE: Once a very dapper British gentleman, after the injuries he appears almost invalid. He must be cared for and attended to although this is done by a group of human nurses whom he has bent to his will. His will is strong and he is dedicated to his cause, especially now that humans have destroyed his body.

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